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奇葩! 浙江一男子造了个美女机器人并和她结婚了!-raybet官网

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Zheng Jiajia, 31, decided to marry with a robot after failing to find a human spouse, his friend told Qianjiang Evening News.在去找将近一个人性未婚后,31岁的郑佳佳要求与一个机器人成婚,这是他的朋友向《钱江晚报》透漏的。Zheng had also become tired of the constant nagging from his family and pressure to get married, so he turned to a robot he built late last year and named Yingying.郑某也厌烦了家人的唠唠叨叨和被催婚的压力,于是在去年底研发了一个机器人,并将其命名为莹莹。After two months of dating, he donned a black suit to marry her at a ceremony attended by his mother and friends last weekend in the eastern city of Hangzhou.在经过两个月的“约会”后,他身穿黑色西装,于上周末在杭州东部的一个城市和莹莹举办了婚礼,他的母亲和朋友参加了仪式。

While not officially recognised by the authorities, the union had all the trappings of a typical Chinese wedding, with Yingyings head covered with a red cloth in accordance with local tradition.虽然没获得当局的月接纳,但这个联姻几乎按照典型中国婚礼的规矩来展开,莹莹的头部按照当地的传统用红布覆盖面积。China has one of the worst gender gaps in the world, mainly due to sex-selective abortions after the introduction of the countrys widely criticised one-child policy, which for decades controlled how many children each family could have.中国是世界上性别差距仅次于的国家之一,这主要是由于几十年来颇受抨击的独生子女政策,该政策掌控了每个家庭可以享有的孩子数量,并造成了性别选择性安乐死。


There are 113.5 men for every 100 women in China, according to the latest figures published by the World Economic Forum. The gender imbalance, coupled with changing attitudes towards marriage among the countrys middle class, means many men will never find wives.根据世界经济论坛公布的近期数据表明,中国每100名女性对应了113.5名男性。性别不均衡,再加中产阶级对婚姻态度的转变,意味著许多男人将总有一天去找将近妻子。For now Yingying can only read some Chinese characters and images and speak a few simple words, but Zheng plans to upgrade his bride to be able to walk and do household chores. Until then he has to carry the 30kg robot to move her.现在莹莹不能读者一些汉字和图片,并且说几句非常简单的话,但郑先生计划要升级他的“新娘”,令其她需要走路和做到家务。在此之前,这个30公斤的机器人妻子必需靠他来移动。



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